Monday, 13 January 2014

Lisa Milroy. Painter.

Lisa Milroy
Some of her most well known paintings are those where she has organized everyday objects into orderly compositions and then painted them using oil on canvas.
This painting by Lisa Milroy is entitled Food and Veg.
 Here she has arranged the objects in an orderly fashion
 to create pattern.


This is one in a series of paintings she did looking at shoes.
 It is Shoes painted in 1987.
 She has arranged a wide variety of shoes into neat rows to paint them....if only my shoe collection looked as orderly.
 And finally Stamps painted in 1987.
Though the stamps are different sizes she has once again arranged them into lines.
As a contrast this painting is called Garbage and shows the opposite order and pattern from the ones above...
is it therefore more Disorder?
For more of her paintings and inspiration visit

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